Top Mobile Game Companies and Best Mobile App Games

Mobile gaming has become a leading pastime for millions of avid games all around the globe and there are thousands of games that can be downloaded and accessed through mobile apps. New and exciting games are always being created by the top mobile game companies and these companies work hard to provide players with innovative titles and amazing gameplay. New games are released on a regular basis and the leading download sites and app sites will offer many games for free. While some may require a small payment, the mobile games that are featured at any site will provide endless action and intense thrills for players of all ages. The top mobile game companies work to develop games in a variety of genres so there is something for everyone and with the latest and greatest games always available, there are so many options for gamers who are looking to enjoy on to go action using their mobile phones or tablets.

Enjoying the Best Mobile App Games

There are many great mobile game apps that can be enjoyed and depending on what type of device players are using, they will find a massive collection of game titles. There are outstanding apps for Android devices, iOS devices and others, so there are endless choices. Many of the top mobile game companies will design games that are not device specific, so they can be played on any mobile device, using any operating system.

The iStore and the Play Store are two places where Android and iOS users can go to discover the latest and greatest game apps that have been released. At these sites, one can search through hundreds of titles by genre and will always find game options that suit their needs. While the majority of the games that are offered will have a small cost associated with the download, a number of popular game titles can also be accessed for free. Aside from device-specific sites, there are a number of gaming sites that also offer apps that can be downloaded and used on any device. Here, one can find thrilling games like casino-style games, racing and shooting games, RPG games and so much more. There are literally endless selections when it comes to the best mobile app games.

Leading Developers of Mobile Games

Over the years, a number of companies have emerged and remained top rated developers of mobile video games. Activision Blitz and Electronic Arts are two well-known video game developers that offer amazing games and apps for mobile players. With games like Call of Duty, Heroes of the Storm, Candy Crush, Madden NFL, Medal of Honor and NCAA Football, players will have a huge array of choices when accessing games from either of these developers.

Gameloft is another leader in the gaming industry and this company has been creating amazing titles since 1999. Some of the top rated games that can be found from Gameloft include Iron Man, Deal or No Deal, Open Season, Rayman, UNO, Wild West Guns and hundreds of others. Glu Mobile is another one of the top mobile game companies in the industry and this publisher of games has a massive portfolio of titles that can be played on many devices. From shooting games to classic card games, Glu Mobile has much to offer. Rovio is another respected name in the industry and this company is best known for the development of Angry Birds. Over the years, Rovio has developed 51 different games like Need for Speed, Cyber Blood, Star Marine, Burnout and Shopping Madness.

Engage in Mobile Retro Games

Not only do players turn to the top mobile game companies for new and exciting releases, but they can also enjoy retro games from years ago. Many avid games like to take a trip down memory lane and will enjoy the offering of retro titles, most of which can be played for free with a download or instant access using the web browser on the mobile device. Players often enjoy retro games as they offer a sense of nostalgia and they are very simple to play. The top mobile game companies offer a huge assortment of retro-style games that can be easily downloaded and played for free.

Many of the retro games that are found at app sites and gaming sites are based on games that were popular during the 1980s and players will find games like Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bird Hunt, RetroBike and many more. All of the retro-themed games are very easy to play and while they are basic games with simple graphics, they take players on a trip down memory lane and have become some of the more popular choices for those that are gaming using a mobile device.