Best Entertainment App for iPhone Fun

The iPhone is considered the most popular mobile device in the world today and to help you get more fun and excitement out of yours, we've come up with a list of the best mobile games and apps for iPhones. The App Store is packed with everything from dating apps to different types of mobile games and there are thousands to choose from. Below you'll find our choice of fun apps for iPhone users.

Best Entertainment Apps for iPhone Users

  • 9Gag: This is a free social media app that allows users to upload and share user-generated content. The app has millions of visitors every day and loads fast. This entertainment app allows users to discuss any topic that interests them such as gaming, relationships, food, anime, online gambling, etc. The app has more than 36 million fans on Facebook and 40 million followers on Instagram. Get it free today and you can find great ideas and enjoy some great fun with people from around the world.
  • iFunny: Our list of fun apps for iPhone wouldn't be complete without this social network application that allows you to post images, videos, and gifs with no limitations. It is also a meme-generating app so not only can you create and enjoy memes, you'll also find some very interesting stuff too. There are more than 10 million users of this app.
  • TheCHIVE: This is a photo entertainment app that bring you the funniest and best photos, gifs, and videos from around the world free. It has more than 30 million users who post, view, and share up to 800 million funnies every single day.
  • LOL Pics: Created by Tap Tap Entertainment, this is an addictive app that has all the funny pictures, jokes, gifs, and memes you'll ever need. You'll find fails, cute pics, funny Tumblr posts, and much more. There are 20 different funny categories to choose from.
  • Funny Pics: This is another free app in our best entertainment apps and it is perfect for those looking for the ultimate in funny stuff. You can browse through one of the largest collections of funny photos and more are added every day.
  • Memedroid: This free app was developed by Novagecko and is for adults looking to view, upload, and share funny pictures, gifs, funny jokes, and more. You can join the online community of meme creators through this entertaining app too.
  • Tumblr: No list of best entertainment apps would be complete without Tumblr. This social networking and microblogging platform have been around since 2007. It allows users to post multimedia and other content to the short form blog.
  • Funny or Die: This is an online entertainment app that brings the funniest content on the internet to your iPhone. It also features exclusive content from the in-house writers, directors, and producers as well as having famous contributors such as James Franco. If funny stuff is what you're looking for, this is the best entertainment app for the iPhone.
  • Reddit: This is an aggregation, discussion, and web content rating app. The user will get all the latest content on the internet and be able to discover trending news, funny clips, viral videos, memes, and more. It is fast loading and gifs autoplay too. If you enjoy trending content, this is the app for you.
  • Lego Life: If you need to entertain the kids for a while this is the app to do it. It allows kids to create and share their stuff within a safe environment. It's free to use and kids have access to a range of exciting LEGO stuff. They can build, capture, and share images of their creations as well as comment and like on other people's stuff. They can also watch a range of Lego videos. This is a free app but parents will need to create a Lego ID account so their kids can fully enjoy the app and have access to lots more exciting features.
  • Clips: This is a new video app from Apple that is an all in one package for taking video clips, editing them, and sharing them with friends and family, or across social media. It has easy video control that allows users to make short videos without messing with timelines, tracks, or complex editing tools. Live titles make it easy to insert captions or subtitles for your videos using your voice and there are plenty of filters, effects, and great extras like animated speech bubbles and emoji. The sharing features recommend people to share your videos with based on who's in the video or you can send it directly to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Best Entertainment Apps on the App Store

Now that you've read through our list of best entertainment apps, the next step is to visit the App Store and other pages where apps can be downloaded. There are hundreds of great fun apps for iPhone users and the only way to find the best one for you is to try them out.