About Esilex Games

With the mobile market flourishing to great heights more than ever, it is only to be expected that more and more mobile phone games have arrived in the market. How will you know which to download and which to avoid? Here on Esilex Games, will provide you all the information you require to become part of the population who are highly aware of the best mobile phone games today and the top free mobile phone games you could download.

All OS Games

In our site, we do not constrict or restrain our information on only a single operating system in the mobile gaming industry. We encompass every information you need, regardless if you have an Android, Windows or an Apple or iOS Device. We'll let you know the hottest games in each of these mobile phones, which will surely let you have the best suite of games to enjoy any time of the day.

Where To Download

Let's Face It, Some of the games may not be provided on the mobile app store and in such cases, you may not know where to start when looking for where to download games from casino slots, retro games and more. Our site will also give you top information regarding this matter and ensure that you could jump right into action with your phone with less things to worry about.